People. Knowledge. Solutions.

Innovative Data solutions engineered for performance and reliability

The right people, innovative solutions and a wealth of business knowledge and experience has allowed us to offer our products and services to varied clients. We have established a reputation of delivering innovative solutions that fulfil requirements – in a cost effective manner.

By working with us, organisations can access, transfer, process, integrate, organise and analyse their data, real-time or batch to gain a competitive foothold in the marketplace and make data driven decisions.

Our focus has also been to supply leading Enterprises, from different industries, with enterprise-grade Data Lake solutions to help realise the potential of their most important corporate asset – their data.

We have built credibility and trust by delivering successful business outcomes consistently. Our philosophy is a simple one – deliver the best solutions backed by the best people.

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We never stop improving

Products are building blocks

we believe products should help you keep the focus on solving the problem at hand and spend less time in figuring how the product works. We have designed products that we as data engineers would like to use.

Simplicity is king

Simple solutions show clear thinking. When a solution is complex, it usually indicates that the designer has lost the plot somewhere along the line. Our products are simple and easy to use, and have evolved from a clear design approach..

Honest communication

We will not bury you in layers of account management. Nor will we throw buzz words and marketingspeak at you. Our communication is honest, as building trust is the first step towards a long and fruitful relationship.

Service is paramount

Over and above providing good value to our customers, we believe in providing fast, friendly and reliable customer service. We make sure we live to this promise everyday.

No cookie cutter solutions here!

Our products aim to solve known problems with out-of-the-box thinking. While every problem has an individual approach, we make sure usability and performance is never sacrificed.

Cost-effective and great value

Our products help save enormously on infrastructure costs. Besides that our flexible pricing and licensing model makes our solutions highly affordable and great value for money.

Bryte is an Accredited Solution Provider for: