BryteFlow to Liberate your Oracle Data

With some of the planet’s most important applications running on them, Oracle environments generate large amounts of valuable enterprise data. However, the true value in this data is rarely uncovered due to challenges with application impact, cost and scale. BryteFlow extracts and liberates Oracle data into usable models on low cost and highly scalable Data Lakes on Amazon Web Services infrastructure – with on-demand access to data warehousing, advanced analytics, AI and Machine Learning technologies.

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Quick setup with a Codeless development environment

Low Impact

Leverage Log Based change capture for low source system impact

S3 File Merges

Maintains a single file per database table in S3 by merging new transactional data with existing files

Enterprise Security

Automated Amazon KMS Encryption in transit and rest with optional Data Masking

High Throughout

Built for high volume transactional data with parallel log processing functionality

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With some of the planet’s most important applications running on them, Oracle database environments contain large amounts of valuable enterprise and customer data. However, the true value in this data is rarely uncovered due to issues with application impact, cost, scale and underlying data complexities.

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BryteFlow delivers exceptional ease of use with its streamlined and context aware user interface.
Deliver great data replication results without the need to write any code

Low Impact Oracle CDC

Eliminate the need for costly database queries, triggers or extensive logging to identify and extract changes. BryteFlow software syncs data by analyzing your Oracle Database Logs under a minimal supplemental logging configuration – it does not require any additional agents, software, or database queries.

BryteFlow can be configured to read redo logs directly from a production database, or operate under a downstream log mining configuration for zero impact on your production databases.

BryteFlow Online Redo Log Configuration

BryteFlow Zero Impact Downstream Log Mining Configuration

BryteFlow log switch for Zero Impact Initial Extracts

To eliminate heavy source system impact for initial full table loads, users can leverage Bryte’s log switch functionality.

This enables the initial data extract to be completed using temporary, backup or standby Oracle Databases. Once the initial data extract has been completed, BryteFlow can then switch to the production system online redo logs or downstream archive logs for new data updates.

Reliable & Future Proof

BryteFlow leverages Oracle’s recommended Integrated capture methodology to ensure that changes can be streamed accurately and efficiently – even from high volume transactional systems. The Architecture is based on certified Oracle best practices and compatible with upgrades to Oracle v12c or Oracle on Amazon RDS.

Transactional data and file management in S3

BryteFlow is designed to manage transactional record inserts, updates or deletes natively in Amazon S3. Our optimized in-memory engine continuously merges new change files with existing data in S3. This ensures that each Oracle table at source maps to a single Amazon S3 file, with options to automatically retain Time series dimensions and full record history.

Self Recovery with Smart connection diagnostics & Parallel Log Mining

BryteFlow is designed to be highly robust. In the event of a network error, the software flags its’ last successful load and automatically resumes operations once connectivity is re-established.

To enable rapid catchup and bring the target environment back in sync, Bryteflow features unique and proprietary parallel log mining functionality. This feature reads and loads data from multiple Oracle log files simultaneously.

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