BryteFlow Enterprise Data Ingestion Software

Low Impact Sync

Continuously load and merge data changes to destination with minimal impact on source systems.

Smart Partitioning

Reduced ingestion and query times on Amazon S3.

Time Series Data

Out-of-the box functionality to version records and retain industry standard type-2 history.

Key Features

Integrate with Amazon cloudwatch logs

Get monitoring and alerting capabilities through integration with Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Advanced security

Automated data encryption in transit and rest with options to mask sensitive data. Out-of-the-box Amazon KMS Encryption supported.

Simple Interface

Easy to use click-based user interface delivers a codeless development environment.

Flexible deployment options

Install on-premise behind your firewall, or using cloud infrastructure

Full metadata and data lineage

All synced data is fully categorised, Automated Data Type Mapping & Data Type Integration.

Born in the cloud

Using native AWS technologies for data transfer speeds along with advanced monitoring and guaranteed delivery.

Commonly integrated source applications