A Singtel company, Optus is the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia with more 9.72 million mobile subscribers and over 1 million internet subscribers.

Bryte was engaged after two prior vendors had already struggled to deliver results. They delivered an end-to-end solution in under 90 days and were fantastic to work with during all phases of the project from design and build through to support and handover

Platform Lead - Optus Australia

The Challenge

As a major Telecommunications firm, Optus had grown both organically and via acquisition with large numbers of customers across multiple brands and services. This lead to a proliferation of customer data across multiple business systems and reporting platforms, without an efficient mechanism to link it together and develop consolidated customer views. This created numerous challenges including missed cross-sell opportunities and revenue leakage. Revenue leakage was a particular concern because it not only led to direct loss, but it was also the symptom of a much larger issue – the inability to detect customers who had broken a product bundle and manage their retention. “Missed marketing opportunities and revenue leakage were absolutely hurting our bottom line and one of the company’s top priorities” – Platform Lead, Optus Australia.

Bryte’s Engagement and Solution

Bryte was engaged by Optus after 2 separate projects by large multi-national integrators had already struggled to deliver results. In particular, due to the extremely high data volumes across billions of records, there were continued challenges with Data Latency and Accuracy. In consolidation efforts, there continued to missing customer data – and where data was accurate, it was delivered at a high latency cost due to heavy batch processes, bulk ingestion methods and ETL performance limitations.

Bryte worked with the team at Optus to deliver a near real time centralised customer data repository in under 3 months. We eliminated bottleneck ETL processes with low impact change capture technologies and high performance ELT compute. This enabled data to be captured and delivered near real time, and freed up computational resources to combine data sets and rapidly build single customer views or reports. Bryte also implemented a robust data reconciliation and ‘re-sync’ solution to achieve in excess of 99.999999999% Data Accuracy.

Within the first 6 months, by solving direct revenue leakage challenges alone – Bryte’s solution delivered in excess of 1000% ROI and identified over 10 million dollars in missed revenue opportunities.


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