Using Bryteflow, Waterford gets their data to Amazon Redshift for near real-time data analytics.

About Waterford

Waterford is an education technology company and a nonprofit research center based in the US, dedicated to creating the best personalized reading, math, and science software for early learners.

Building a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Waterford Research Institute needed to replace legacy reporting and dashboards with visualizations that were more consumable by education administrators, school principals, teachers and parents. They collected a lot of information about a student’s learning methods and progress and wanted to deliver more actionable information to individuals that can help a student close any learning gaps.

Mike Hight – Enterprise Data Architect, Waterford says:

“As we were evaluating a major overhaul to our legacy reporting and analytics platform, we recognized that there were aspects to our process that were not really part of our core value proposition. Using BryteFlow to handle CDC freed up our development resources to focus on analytics. Cost was an obvious concern. We are a non-profit focused on delivering educational software to as many children as possible. The ROI of using BryteFlow, contrasted with ongoing maintenance of our internal system provided significant financial support for our decision. We also evaluated other options in the marketplace but found BryteFlow to be the most cost-effective and easiest to work with during our evaluation process. In this space we found that many vendors tried very hard to justify a more expensive product by adding unnecessary bells and whistles. We went with Bryte because their product focused on their core competency and reliability.

Support from Bryte has been outstanding. They were helpful throughout our initial deployment and we were up and running immediately. The product has performed well and has enabled us to focus on delivering better analytics to our stakeholders rather than maintain a legacy CDC system. “


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