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How to choose between Parquet, ORC and AVRO for S3, Redshift and Snowflake?

Why you need a big data file format to store data How do you get petabytes of data into Amazon…

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How to make sure your data integration system is relevant in the future.

Are you considering investing in your data? So your company is investing in data analytics? Everyone is sooo excited, after…

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SQL Server to Snowflake – in 4 easy steps

Need to get your Microsoft SQL Server data to Snowflake? Unlock your data silos by consolidating all your SQL Server…

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How to get your Amazon Athena queries to run 5X faster

How do you tune your Amazon Athena query performance? It is important to understand how Amazon Athena works, and the…

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Oracle to Amazon S3 – how to refresh continuously

Organisations that have been around long enough would have volumes of transaction data collected and stored in Oracle databases over…

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Join BryteFlow at the AWS Public Sector Summit Canberra

We’re delighted to be a sponsor of the AWS Public Sector Summit in  Canberra. Join us to see how BryteFlow…

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High quality data for high quality insights

Cast your mind back to your childhood years when you played the Telephone Game when each child whispered a phrase…

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10 reasons why Data Analytics projects fail

Thinking of investing in data analytics? Successful data analytics projects are the holy grail of businesses globally for the actionable…

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