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Kick Amazon Redshift into high gear with Distributed Data Preparation

ETL and ELT just cannot keep up with your growing data. So what is the way forward? If you have…

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Why Machine Learning models need Schema-on-Read

Schema-on-Read Vs Schema-on-Write Databases have employed a Schema-on-Write paradigm for decades, that is, the schema/structure is first defined up front…

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Why Hadoop Data Lakes are not the modern architect’s choice

Data Lakes are used to store all the raw data from all enterprise systems, so that access is enabled easily.…

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Bryte named as the AWS Technology Partner of the Year 2018


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Amazon S3 Data Lake security – 7 easy to follow tips for 2019

Executives and business leaders often ask about AWS data security for their Amazon S3 Data Lakes. Data is a valuable…

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Headache points – Liberating your data from SAP, Oracle, SQL Server and other complex application environments

With some the planet’s most important interactions running on them, relational application and database environments like Oracle, Microsoft and SAP…

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Oracle Announcement: Deprecation of Oracle Streams and Advanced Replication, and what it means to you.

Oracle has made the announcement as below a while back regarding the deprecation of Oracle Streams and Advanced Replication. http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/UPGRD/deprecated.htm#UPGRD60159…

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