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How BryteFlow Works

A revolution in data management technology

BryteFlow is first-in-the-world software that works with cloud data repositories like Amazon S3 to build the most efficient environments for analytics ever.  BryteFlow loads data sets from varied sources like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and SQL Server, flat files and other sources into the cloud repository and merges, prepares and verifies them for completeness. The data can now be accessed easily for analytics and other applications like ML, AI etc. We also have solutions for Azure Blob Storage.

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The BryteFlow Suite

The BryteFlow Enterprise Suite consists of 4 products that work synergistically to deliver flawless, remodeled data that you can use for your Analytics, ML, AI or other applications. The Standard Edition comes with BryteFlow Ingest and XL Ingest and you can try it out free.

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BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest

BryteFlow Ingest captures the source changes using log based Change Data Capture technology and continuously loads and merges data changes into the data destination from multiple databases through a simple click and point interface. BryteFlow XL Ingest is used for super-large volumes of data which is loaded extremely fast with smart partitioning.

About BryteFlow Ingest

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BryteFlow Blend

BryteFlow Blend merges data from disparate sources and transforms it for analytics, AI, ML and other purposes. It runs and schedules complex Hadoop / SPARK data transformations by using SQL, no PySpark coding required.

About BryteFlow Blend

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BryteFlow Trudata

BryteFlow Trudata verifies the accuracy and completeness of your data through its automated reconciliation protocol. It easily compares large data sets and notifies you if data is missing so you can rectify the situation.

About BryteFlow Trudata

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BryteFlow Dashboard

The Bryteflow Dashboard is invaluable in monitoring multiple instances of BryteFlow Ingest running concurrently. At a glance you can check the status of various jobs that you have scheduled with their data latency and progress.

About BryteFlow Dashboard

The Smart, Modern Approach to Data Integration

Modern data integration according to us is doing more with less. That’s why we help your cloud storage layer Amazon S3 to double up as a superb analytics environment, by leveraging various AWS services so you can access data in real-time and reach business insights fast.

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Storage is cheap

Storage and Compute are separate so you only pay when you process data. Storage on Amazon S3 is cheap at a maximum of 3 cents per GB so you can store all of it unlike a data warehouse.


Flexible, fast and powerful

Data can be consumed raw or modelled. You get seamless integration of data between multiple compute platforms including Relational DW, Hadoop, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Data remains secure in your VPC

Data remains with you in your Virtual Private Cloud and not stored in a proprietary format unlike a data warehouse where data can only be stored in a highly structured, remodelled format. No legal or compliance issues to face either since your data stays with you.

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Access is fast and easy

Lightning fast queries, no coding, and an automated environment with a point and click interface means more operations people can use and access data without resorting to additional tech hiring.

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No expensive third party tools required

You do not need to spend anything on third party tools for enabling data access, integration, preparation of data and data verification which would be required in case of the significantly more expensive Data Warehousing, Hadoop or NoSQL solution.

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Unlimited Concurrency & Scalability

BryteFlow structures data on Amazon S3 in smart partitions eliminating heavy batch processing, so your users can access current data fast. Computing power is spun up when required by recruiting additional EMR clusters so the source system never slows down.

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Data is always verified and trustworthy

A world-first feature – BryteFlow provides data verification and reconciliation which endorses the trustworthiness of your data. BryteFlow uses masking protocols and AWS best practices to ensure your data always stays secure.

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Future-proof Architecture

Power your AI and ML initiatives and analytics research without restrictions. With BryteFlow you are not tied to a particular solution, you get to choose whether your workloads are run on Hadoop, or a more traditional relational DW or any combination of both.

Distributed Data Processing is what makes BryteFlow unique

BryteFlow gives you the choice of using Amazon S3 as an effective analytical platform so the load of processing data is shared over the Data Storage Object (S3) and the Data Warehouse (Redshift or Snowflake)- making it faster, more powerful and saving hugely on data processing costs. Did we mention you can access data in real-time or at your scheduled frequency?

Prepare data on S3 in real-time or at your scheduled frequency and push it to Redshift or Snowflake .

On S3 there is absolutely no competition for querying and processing. Your data is replicated and transformed smoothly and seamlessly in real-time at dizzying speeds and can be pushed to Redshift or Snowflake for more complex queries.


Push raw data directly to Redshift or Snowflake for processing in real-time or at a frequency of your choosing.

In case you need to go the conventional route, BryteFlow can load your data onto Redshift or Snowflake for processing – your data is replicated and processed at lightning speeds in real-time with the powerful BryteFlow data integration engine.



Source databases and applications

BryteFlow supports a wide range of data sources including relational databases, cluster, cloud, flat files and streaming data sources. We can easily add more sources if required. Let us know if you need another source added, we’ll be happy to oblige.

SQL Server
Amazon Aurora


BryteFlow replicates your data across a large range of platforms.

Amazon S3
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Kinesis
SQL Server
SQL Server
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure Blob Storage

Data to Dashboard in minutes!

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